Offsite Data Depot

Company Overview

Offsite Data Depot is Northern Nevada’s only full-service provider of offsite commercial records storage and information management solutions. Offsite brings organization and efficiency to the records management function at a drastically reduced cost.

By outsourcing to Offsite, organizations can achieve substantial savings over managing their records in-house while increasing their efficiency and improving security and business continuity.

Based in Carson City, Nevada, Offsite Data Depot provides a full range of information management services to organizations throughout Northern Nevada.

Using these services, Offsite clients are able to:


Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to develop a world class Records Storage and Information Management company which strives to promote continuing partnerships with each client and helps them become more efficient and effective with their daily processes.

We provide innovative solutions that are specifically tailored for each of our clients data management needs, thus helping them stay ahead of the competition."

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